Nortje by Geraldine

Nortje by Geraldine is an Australian women’s handmade fashion label. Their focus is on developing sustainable slow fashion garments that are feminine and easy to wear.

Our Roles
3 - 4 Weeks
Shopify 2.0 Upgrade

UX/UI Upgrade

The Challenge

Nortje approached us with the intent to relaunch their e-commerce, Shopify-enabled website. We were asked to design and build a bespoke e-commerce experience that was closely aligned with the brand CI.

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The Solution

We upgraded Nortje onto the latest Shopify 2.0 framework, ensuring the website is future-proofed for long-term sustainable growth. The creative direction was centred around a seamless and intuitive user experience, aligning closely with Nortje brand identity. We undertook thorough research, implemented optimal website architecture, while maintaining consistency with Nortje's brand aesthetics. The redesign drew subtle inspiration from the Nortje circle, which enriched the user experience. The uncluttered layout, along with effective use of negative space, directed attention to key elements and product offerings.

Custom Sections

Our team of Geeks coded additional custom sections into the backend dashboard, allowing the Nortje team to manage more of the day-to-day website updates, reducing the need to rely on a fully equipped website development team. This allows the brand team to make engaging website updates and keep their website refreshed and up-to-date.