Husqvarna SA

Husqvarna provides professionals with forest, light agricultural, park and garden products. They focus on productivity and performance providing efficient and easy to use products that help make your workday the best it can be.

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‍UX/UI Design
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80% Increase in Revenue with a Growth Partnership

The Ask

Wanting to improve the performance of their online store, Husqvarna approached OK_Alpha Geek with the intent to partner and increase online metrics, specifically, total sales, total orders, and average order value.


Upon auditing Husqvarna's existing digital channels (Shopify Store, Meta, Google, Mailchimp), we noticed that they required varying levels of optimisation:

  • Channel Optimisation (META + GOOGLE):
  • UX/UI Optimisation
  • Shopify Store Click and Collect
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Total Orders
Order Value
Online Store Sessions

Digital Channel Optimisation

Through collaboration with the Husqvarna marketing team, we implemented a more focused approach towards their e-commerce platform and conversion based campaigns. This resulted in growth across all e-commerce metrics.

UX/UI Optimisation

Through a combination of visual updates, device/browser optimisation and refined/corrected product tags, Husqvarna’s website reflects their values as an authentic and premium brand.

Automating Business Processes

We also worked with the Husqvarna team to update their back-end admin processes. In any business, there are those small but necessary tasks that together devour productivity. The Geeks were able to optimise their Shopify Store Click and Collect model  by implementing automated email notifications directly to Husqvarna Dealer stores, which would allow the team to focus on what matters most – growing their business.